In today’s busy world, it’s hard enough trying to get everything done, let alone find time for professional development. Webinars offer too-busy people the chance to educate themselves on any number of topics without taking a step outside the office.
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Webinar: Risk Planning and Health250.00250.0010/25/2018WEB000037
Webinar: Robo-advice Update250.00250.0011/29/2018WEB000039
Webinar: Ethics: Unpacking the various ombud reports250.00250.0012/6/2018WEB000040
Webinar: Short Term Insurance Act; Fais Act; RAF250.00250.0011/1/2018WEB000060
Webinar: Understanding Broad Form Liability250.00250.0011/15/2018WEB000061
Webinar: Introduction to Engineering Insurance250.00250.0011/15/2018WEB000062
Webinar: Introduction to Marine Insurance250.00250.0011/26/2018WEB000063
Webinar: Unpacking Travel Insurance250.00250.0011/26/2018WEB000064
Webinar: Underwriting Management Agency250.00250.0011/26/2018WEB000065
Webinar: Understanding the basics of Reinsurance250.00250.0012/6/2018WEB000066
Webinar: Ethics and health care in South Africa250.00250.0011/14/2018WEB000073
Webinar: Estate Planning: Capital Gains Tax at death250.00250.0011/30/2019WEB000091
Webinar: The new world for financial planning250.00250.005/18/2020WEB000092
Webinar: Ethics in general250.00250.001/31/2020WEB000094
Webinar: 2019 Economic Update 3250.00250.002/1/2020WEB000098

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