Below is our latest Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Face-to-Face workshops to be held nationally.
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Workshop: 2020 Johannesburg Estate and Tax1,608.002,010.00 CPD014_01
Workshop: 2020 Pretoria Estate and Tax1,608.002,010.00 CPD014_02
Workshop: 2020 Durban Estate and Tax1,608.002,010.00 CPD014_03
Workshop: 2020 Cape Town Estate and Tax1,608.002,010.00 CPD014_04
Workshop: 2020 Cape Town Budget Review Trilogy400.00500.002/19/2020CPD019_01
Workshop: 2020 Durban Budget Review Trilogy400.00500.002/20/2020CPD019_02
Workshop: 2020 Johannesburg Budget Review Trilogy400.00500.002/21/2020CPD019_03
Workshop: 2020 FPI Professionals Convention6,500.007,400.006/8/2020CPD020_01
Workshop: 2020 FPI Gala Dinner1,000.001,000.006/8/2020CPD020_02
Workshop: 2020 Johannesburg Retirement and Investment1,608.002,010.00 CPD021_01
Workshop: 2020 Durban Retirement and Investment1,608.002,010.00 CPD021_02
Workshop: 2020 Cape Town Retirement and Investment1,608.002,010.00 CPD021_03
Workshop: 2020 Johannesburg Annual Refresher Masterclass1,608.002,010.00 CPD022_01
Workshop: 2020 Pretoria Annual Refresher1,608.002,010.00 CPD022_02
Workshop: 2020 Port Elizabeth Annual Refresher1,608.002,010.00 CPD022_03
Workshop: 2020 East London Annual Refresher1,608.002,010.00 CPD022_04
Workshop: 2020 Polokwane Annual Refresher1,608.002,010.00 CPD022_05
Workshop: 2020 Nelspruit Annual Refresher1,608.002,010.00 CPD022_06
Workshop: 2020 Bloemfontein Annual Refresher1,608.002,010.00 CPD022_07
Workshop: 2020 Durban Annual Refresher1,608.002,010.00 CPD022_08